• HFG

The HFG VI with its 478 kW Scania engine is the most powerful machine of the HFG series.

The infeed hopper with a length of 4.800 mm and a width of 2.400 mm is equipped with an infeed belt. The infeed material is mecanically conveyed via infeed belt to the rotor with freely swinging hammers. The infeed opening ha a height of 660 mm and a width of 1.700 mm. Thus, material of up to 350 mm can be processed.

Schlegelhäcksler HFG VI

  • Features of the basic machine 

    Infeed belt: •Highly wear resistant, forged special chain

    •Width of infeed belt: 1.700 mm

    •Length of infeed belt: 4.700 mm

    Hydraulic system: •Infeed roller and infeed belt are powered each by a separate drive and gear. The speeds of infeed belt and of the infeed roller are infinitely variable. Overload protection through speed monitoring and reversing device.

    Hydraulic tank with a capacity of 220 litres.

    Infeed: •The infeed roller is powered hydraulically , is pendulum mounted and guided by two racks.

    •The infeed opening is approx. 660 mm high and 1.700 mm wide.

    Crushing unit: •46 hammers, hammer width: 80 mm

    •Single hammers replaceable

    •Width of crushing unit: 1.700 mm

    •Rotor diameter: 999 mm

    •Rotor speed: 1.000 rpm

    Engine: •SCANIA turbo diesel with a power of P = 478 kW, valid  Euro emission standard

    •Electric motor with a power of P = 355 kW

    Drive: •Direct drive by 8  V-belts
    Hopper dimensions: •Length of hopper opening: 4.800 mm

    •Width of hopper opening: 2.400 mm

    Throughput: •200-300 m³/hr and more, depending on material

  • Machine description


    These powerful Husmann machines with the basic designation “HFG (Husmann Forestry equipment)” achieve an even, fine and clean comminution due to the special shredding technology and the hammer positioning.    

    The electronically controlled diesel engine corresponds with EURO 4 norm and especially stands out for its low fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The power transmission from engine to rotor by means of an hydraulically engageable belt tensioner guarantees an optimally low-wear power transmission with the possibility to disengage the rotor.

    The rotor has a working speed of 1.000 rpm. The offset and overlapping hammers, even in the support disc area, being mounted in a freely swinging way, ensure the required smooth infeed. The 46 carbide tipped hammers being 80 mm wide are bolted and can  be replaced quickly with low assembly effort thus providing important application benefits.

    The crushing size of shredded goods is controlled by the breaker bar and a screen that can be activated hydraulically. A hydraulically tippable discharge belt enables easy access to the hammers for service and inspection. The discharge belt can be delivered in different lengths and thus in the corresponding discharge heights (see installation plan). The infeed area with a large hopper and an infeed belt being 1.700 mm wide can take up a large volume. The forged special chains can achieve high transport output at low wear. The rack guided and pendulum mounted infeed rollers with aggresive catches and a passage height of 800 mm are designed for optimal feeding.

    Control and drive of the scraper floor and infeed roller can be set independently of each other. At overload, the scraper floor reverses and the infeed roller continues to draw in. This straightens the infeed material thus feeding the rotor evenly. The infeed roller can be lifted up with the remote control to take in bulky infeed material. The HFG VI is mounted onto an 18 tons tandem low-bed trailer. With its eightfold tyres and ABS brake system, the system is designed as a trailer vehicle.

    With its large doors and hydraulically tippable roof, the system is easy to service and well structured. Motor monitoring, reversing and overload protection, temperature and level monitoring for the auxiliary engine and hydraulic system with control display in the operating panel are serial features.

    The throughput of the shredder depends on the material to be processed. It is between 200 and 300 m³ per hour.

    The HFG VI is a composting machine for organic and inorganic waste for mecanical and manual feeding.
    Material processing up to approx. 350 mm


    HFG 6

    Schlegelhäcksler HFG V Mobilgerät

      • Turbo-Diesel, 254 kW, gültige Abgasnorm
      • Geschweißte Stahlprofilkonstruktion mit einem Zugmaul nach DIN
      • Tandem-Tiefladeraggregat ca. 18 to.
        TÜV-Abnahme für 80 km/h Achse
      • druckluftgebremst
      • ABS-Bremsanlage
      • Zweileitungs – Druckluftbremsanlage für 80 km/h Achse
      • 8 Stück mit der Größe 245/70R 17.5 auf 17.5 x 6.75 Felge
      • Eigengewicht: ca. 19.500 kg
      • zul. Achslast: 20.000 kg
      • Stützlast: 900 kg
      Abmessungen: (gemäß Aufstellplan)
      • Gesamtlänge: ca.12.700 mm
      • Breite: 2.550 mm
      • Höhe: ca. 3.990 mm
      • Einwurfhöhe: 2.100 mm


    HFG V Elektro

    Schlegelhäcksler HFG V elektro stationär

      • Elektromotor, 355 kW (+22kW Nebenantrieb)
      • Stabile Stahl-Schweißkonstruktion gemäß Anwendungsfall
      • ca. 18.000 kg
      Abmessungen: (gemäß Aufstellplan)
      • Gesamtlänge: ca.10.600 mm
      • Breite: 2.550 mm
      • Höhe: ca. 3.870 mm
      • Einwurfhöhe: 2.100 mm

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