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The recyclingAKTIV is over and we would like to thank you for your visit and your interest in our machine technology.

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off to Portugal

“off to Portugal”


The HFG V flail shredder was delivered with our truck and successfully handed over. More than 2,500 kilometres had to be covered each route.
A few facts about the machine:
➡️ca. 11 m long and 18 tons heavy
➡️80 km/h chassis
➡️370 kW diesel engine
➡️42 mallets
➡️hydr. Drive
➡️Sieve hydr. foldable
➡️Magnetic drum


watch HERE a video of HFG V

Schlegelhäcksler HFG V
Schlegelhäcksler HFG V

Fine shredder HFZ

Especially for the fine shredding of wood waste, the company Husmann has developed a mobile or  stationary plant of type HFZ.


The pre-shredded feed material passes through a metal detector, which feeds metal-loaded wood via a shaft to a discharge belt, which ejects this wood laterally.

Impurities-free wood is shredded via the high-speed rotor, with oscillating flail hammers and an adjustable counter cutting edge. The shredded material can be ejected in a bunker or via conveyor belts. The system can be equipped with various finest screens. The special impact technique, flail design and sieve design guarantee the finest shredding results.

The finely shredded material is used for combustion, pelleting or briquetting.


shredder HFG II with 25 km/h axle

With its bright colour, the HFG II shredder leaves our factory premises. The flail shredder shown is driven by a PTO shaft. Other drive options are a diesel or electric motor.

Due to its dimensions and total weight, the HFG II mallet shredder is the smallest machine-feeding system in the HFG series and was specially designed for garden landscaping and municipalities.

The mallet shredder is fed by machine via the filling hopper, which is equipped with a feed belt. The feed material is then fed to the rotor with the free-swinging flail tools via the feed belt. The feed opening has a height of 200 mm and a width of 780 mm. Thus, material of up to 150 mm can be processed.


5th Crusher for our italian dealer

Firmly lashed, this HL II twin-shaft crusher makes its way to Italy in 1622.

The crusher system is equipped with a crawler chassis, which makes it possible to move the shredder independently on the customer’s premises. Maximum flexibility in use is ensured by this equipment.

With the twin-shaft crusher, we will deliver the 5th crusher plant to our Italian dealer in 2022.

HL II 1622 Kette

Company holidays ended – we start again

The first machine after the company holiday is delivered to the Czech Republic.

The mobile shredder HFG IV achieves a uniform and fine crushing of organic materials through a special beating technique, screen arrangement and the flail arrangement.

The feed material is loaded with an excavator or wheel loader in the hopper and fed to the rotor via a scratching floor with feed roller. The quality of the shredded material is determined by a hydraulically switchable, replaceable screen. The rotor is equipped with cantilevered flail hammers.

For maintenance, the discharge belt can be folded up. This makes the screens and the impact mechanism more accessible. Furthermore, a magnetic drum is installed at the ejection end of the discharge belt. The metal material then slides over a material chute into a collection container.


Latest generation of our single-wave breaker delivered

We exhibited this new generation for the first time at IFAT in Munich. Now the single-shaft crusher with a 3 m long shredding shaft has been delivered to the customer in Lübeck and put into operation.


The machine is used as a pre-crusher in a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBA) in order to break the delivered fractions and then feed them to the respective recycling processes. The stationary single-shaft breaker is powered by a 200 kW electric motor.


The single-shaft machine type HL I is available in size with a wavelength of 2,200 mm to 3,000 mm and a drive power of 200 kW to 420 kW. Further information about our single-shaft machines can be found here.


watch youtube

Husmann Einwellenzerkleinerer HL I 1230
Einwellenzerkleinerer Husmann HL I 1230

On the way to the customer

Today, our truck has only 60 KM each way to deliver this slow-running HL II 1622 twin-shaft crusher in nearby Quakenbrück.

Not only its special color makes the twin-shaft crusher an eye-catcher, but also the extended discharge belt causes a sensation.  This has a length of 6,450 mm and a width of 1,400 mm and can tiltable for transport, as can be seen in the photo.

The HL II 1622 installed on a hook lift frame is powered by a 368 kW Scania diesel engine.




We look back on a successful trade fair week and would like to thank all participants and visitors!

We were very pleased that you took the time
have taken the opportunity to inform themselves in detail about our product portfolio and the new products.

Once again, it has been shown that personal contact is the basis for good cooperation, especially in order to successfully initiate and implement projects together.
We look forward to further good contacts with you and a good cooperation.

Kind regards

Your Husmann Team

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Dankschreiben IFAT 2022 Flyer

First delivery of the year to Dubai

A long journey lies ahead of the mobile HFG IV shredder.

Right at the beginning of the year, the high-speed HFG IV shredder was picked up from our factory by a forwarding agent. Loaded onto a low-loader, it then goes on to the port of Antwerp in Belgium and from there by sea to Dubai.

More information about our shredder

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Fleet News


New year – new truck?

Not quite – the VOLVO FH brand truck has been part of our fleet for a few weeks and has already been able to prove its strengths at a number of demonstrations. In connection with a hook lift – roll-off tipper trailer from the company Wiese, this is the perfect combination to deliver our customers’ machines or to carry out demonstrations. This vehicle combination completes our transport fleet and will perhaps deliver your next shredder.