Used Machines

Used Machines and domanstration machines! Directly from the Manufacturer - A Clever Alternative!

Regularly, we have various used machines available, which we refurbish technically according to their condition as well as replacing all wear parts or even carry out a general overhaul including repainting according to the request of the customer. If interested, please contact us directly  ().

Single Shaft Crusher Type HL

– Used Machine –

Type: Single Shaft Crusher HL I 1222 semi mobile

with hook lift frame

Serial No.: 11 422
Year of build: 2015
Operation hours: 793 Std.
opening crusher unit:
1.200 mm x 2.260 mm
engine: 205 kW CAT Turbodiesel
Total weight: ca. 18.000 kg
Accessories: Crusher shaft with reinforced counter bar with ejection system and adjustable breaking gap, lift axle, remote control, hydraulic foldable hopper chute.
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HL I_002
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Schredder type HFG II

– New Machine-

Typ: Schredder Type HFG II Mobil
Serial No.: 11 660
year of build: 2020
Working hours: 5 hrs.
Rotor diameter: ø550 mm (Flugkreis-ø750 mm)
Amount hammers: 16 Stück; 50mm breit
Feeding opening:  200 mm x 780 mm
Motor: KUBOTA 55,4kW EURO 5 (Diesel)
Total weight: ca. 3.500 kg
Accesories: Pendelnde Einzugswalze, 80km/h Fahrerk gemäß StVO, Siebeinsatz, Austragsförderband
HFG II verkauft

Twin Shaft Crusher type HL II

– Demonstration machine-

Type: Twin Shaft Crusher HL II 1622 Semi-Mobil with hook lift frame (Asynchron)
Serial No.: 11618
Year of build: 2020
Operation hours: ca. 150 Std.
Opening crusher unit
1.600 mm x 2.100 mm
Engine: CAT C13 EURO V – 354 kW
Total weight: 23.500kg
Accesories: Mischbrecherwerk für Holz- und Müllanwendungen, seitliche Störauswurfklappen, Fernbedienung, hydraulische Trichterklappe, Wechsellüfter, hydraulsiche Liftachse, Vorbereitung Magnetabscheider (kein Magnet)
Further information:
Maschine befindet sich aktuell in Kurz-Zeit-Miete; Verfügbarkeit in Kürze.
HL II verkauft

Wood Chipper

– NEW Machine-

Type: Wood Chipper Typ H7 – Z (PTO-driven)
Serial No.: 11653
Year of build: 2020
Operation Hours: ca. 1 Std.
Feeding opening: 300 mm x 250 mm
Disc diameter:
750 mm
Disc thickness:
30 mm
Material thickness: 200 mm
Accesories: PTO shaft, anti stress device, hydraulic adjustable feeding speed, 2 separat driven feeding drums.