HL II 1617

HL II 1617

The Twin-Shaft Crusher with the universal crushing unit. For waste wood as well as for general, bulky and mixed construction waste; always the right machine.

The designation »HL II« is used for the Twin-Shaft Crusher. The Twin-Shaft Crusher of the type HL II 1617 has a crushing unit opening of 1.600 mm in width and 1.700 mm in length. All Crushers are offered on a welded steel profile construction with hook-lift system. Even static machines on steel supports, mobile machines with a StVO (German road traffic regulation) approved trailer axle or machines mounted onto a crawler track.

Holz- und Müllbrecher Typ HL II 1617

  • Features of the basic machine

    Crusher: ·Twin-Shaft Crusher with an adjustable working speed of 20 – 40 rpm.
    Hydraulic system: ·Two separate hydraulic systems with own tank,     pumps and motors

    ·Tank capacity – main drives: 200 litres

    ·Tank capacity – auxiliary drives: 260 litres

    ·Overload protection and auto reverse

    Hopper: ·Made of  highly wear-resistant steel

    ·Hopper dimension: 2.500 x 6.400 mm

    Crushing unit: ·24 tools (up to 48 tools)

    ·Cutter width 50 mm

    ·Boltable cutter blades

    ·Shaft diameter: 660 mm

    ·Shaft length: 1.700 mm

    ·Bolted, highly wear-resistant shaft scraper and cutters

    ·Shafts with high-load spherical roller bearings in special housings.

    Crushing unit opening: 1.600 x 1.700 mm, covered by crushing shafts
    Engine: ·CAT turbo diesel with a power of P = 280 kW, valid Euro exhaust standard

    ·Electric motors with a power of each P = 2x 132 kW

    Diesel tank: ·Capacity: 450 litres (diesel powered machines)
    Drive: ·Optionally diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic, with automatically adjustable auto reverse.

    ·The slow-speed motor can be operated at a system pressure of 400 bar, thus transmitting a torque of  90.000 Nm up to 130.000 Nm.

    Performance control: ·The performance controlled hydraulic system prevents early reversing and optimizes throughput.
    Service monitoring: ·Fault indications and required service will be displayed by control lights.

    1.Transport belt monitoring

    2.Oil temperature

    3.Cooling water temperature

    4.Level display, cooling water circuit, oil circuit

    ·In case of none-observing the fault indication, the machine cuts automatically in order to prevent unnecessary damages .

    Oil tank heating: ·At temperatures below freezing point, the oil tank heating can be switched on through the mains.
    Discharge conveyor: ·Firmly mounted with cross-stable conveyor belt

    ·Belt width: 1.400 mm

    ·Discharge height: approx. 3.000 mm

    ·Foldable for transportation, belt speed infinitely variable

    Painting: ·Special painting – all RAL colours – (standard: RAL 5010)

  • Machine description

    These mobile crushers are especially designed to crush material like waste , bulky waste, mixed construction waste and waste wood.

    The feeding material is fed into the hopper which feeds the slowly counter-rotating crushing shafts.

    The slow-speed crushers are manufactured in different sizes and are equipped as in each case required. Whereby the fields mobile or static application are completely covered. Optionally, the powering of these machines is possible by diesel engine or electric motor.

    In addition, if requested by the customer, Husmann company innovatively plans and manufactures special plants even in the form of machine lines as an overall project on the basis of a fair price-performance ratio.


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    Optionales Zubehör HUSMANN Zwei-Wellen-Brecher

    Über verschiedenes Zubehör kann die Grundausstattung der HUSMANN Zwei-Wellen-Brecher den Wünschen und den Anwendungen der Kunden nach angepasst werden. Hierzu gehören unter anderem ein individuelles Austragsförderband, eine TÜV-Abnahme, oder auch der Überlastschutz.

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    • Wechsellüfter
    • Trichterschütte klappbar
    • Stützfuß hydraulisch
    • Fahrzeugbrief
    • Sonderlackierung (Standart RAL 5010) uvm.